Who we are


 The company is located in the center of Volos for twenty years offering its services in the care of clothes and our clientele in Volos (25,000 customers).

The company is equipped with 5th generation wet cleaning and dry cleaning machines. The detergents we use are the best on the world market (standofd, zeits, rampi) and the ten members are experienced and well trained.

Also, the immediate service even in two hours, the iron in hand, the meticulous scraping, the care for the environment are some of the things that differentiate us in the competition.

The people who represent Lesavon are what we call "people of our daily lives", and surrounded by an experienced and specialized staff of partners offer friendly, quality, fast and unique service at the right price.

Continuous offers and additional services  turn the dry cleaning proposal into a really tempting solution with high quality services.